With Christmas right around the corner, people from all over the world are rejoicing and planning to enjoy their holiday season, incorporating their cultural traditions into these celebrations. From decorating their homes to eating delicious dishes, it’s the time of year to be merry and joyous.

Christmas traditions vary greatly from every corner of the globe, from Christmas markets in Italy to kissing under the mistletoe in Greece to singing the Wexford Carol in Ireland. Who we all know as Father Christmas, Santa Claus varies from country to country with unique ways of delivering gifts to children. Savory meals and sweet desserts are popular types of dishes during Christmas time throughout the world creating extravagant feasts shared between friends and families both big and small.

You may have a special tradition in your home that is unique and memorable. Like those in Iceland who exchange Christmas books and enjoy mouthwatering chocolates around the fireplace with friends and family.

Discover the origins of Christmas traditions from around the globe, like caroling in Australia, eating baklava in Greece and celebrating Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. Whether you’re celebrating on the 25th of December, or throughout the entire month, you’re sure to have your own unique rituals and customs that make your holiday season that much more special.

Hopefully you have found inspiration in Christmas traditions in many different countries and cultures around the world! The festivities vary from country to country, focusing on different practices, gift givers and food dishes. Whether you’re singing Kling, Glöckchen in Germany or enjoying delicious tamales in Mexico, you are celebrating the joy that we all associate with the Christmas season.

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