The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year, but it’s also one of the most stressful. It can be hard to keep track of who you’ve bought a gift for, what parties you plan to attend and who you’ve sent Christmas cards to amongst everything else you’re juggling.

To stay organized and ensure nothing is left unattended, you can use a Christmas planner…the last thing you want to do during the holidays is to forget someone’s gift or forget a party! Simply download and print these Christmas planning pages to stay on top of your holiday to-dos. For optimal organization, you can put them in a binder by hole-punching them or inserting laminate pages.


Christmas Planner Printables

As you prep for the Christmas season, you’re likely juggling many different to-do lists. That’s why this Christmas planner has tons of resources to help you keep your tasks in order. From a gift log to a budget planner, the printable has everything you need to stay organized and avoid stress this season!

Calendar – Use this blank calendar year after year by filling in your own dates. Mark all your important celebrations, parties, trips and of course, Christmas!

Decor Planning – Decorating can be one of the most fun ways to get into the Christmas spirit. Use this section to plan what decorations and ornaments will go up and whether they’ll be inside or outside. Don’t forget to mark a date for when you’ll put the decorations up and take them down.

Shopping List – Use the shopping list in this Christmas planner for scheduling weekly trips to the grocery store or noting what ingredients you need for your big Christmas dinner.


Budget Planner – Avoid financial stress by planning your budget ahead of time. Set budgets for the gifts you plan to give, the holiday meals you plan to make and the decorations you’re going to buy, like personalized stockings and ornaments.

Christmas Recipes – One of the best parts about Christmas is all of the delicious food! Keep all of your favorite recipes on hand so you don’t have to hunt for them later.

Christmas Menu – If you’re the one serving Christmas dinner, you can use this page to outline the entire menu from appetizers to desserts!

Christmas Card Tracker – List the names and addresses of the family and friends you plan to send Christmas cards to on this page. Once you’ve sent your holiday card to them, check them off!

Thank Yous – Use this page in the Christmas planner to keep track of all the cards and messages you’ll send expressing your appreciation for the gifts you were given.

Traditions – Never forget a tradition by noting all the different things you do every year to celebrate. If you don’t have any traditions, use this page to mark the new ones you’ll create!


Gift Tracker – Make a list of every person you’re going to give a gift to, then check off when you’ve bought their gift and when you’ve wrapped it! If you need some inspiration, learn how to wrap a gift and how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper.

Party Planner – If you’re hosting a party, you have a lot to think about and plan for. Keep track of everything your party needs from cocktails to decorations for the occasion!

To-Do List – As you get closer and closer to the 25th your to-do list will likely grow longer and longer. Organize your weekly—or daily—tasks with a seasonal to-do list.

Trip Planner – Keep track of flights, hotel reservations and other important booking information with the trip planner page.

Guest Planner – Have guests in town? Use this sheet in the Christmas planner to write down all the people you expect to visit, how long their visit is and any fun activities you have planned for their stay.

Cleaning Checklist – Whether you’re prepping for a party or wrapping up the holiday celebrations, you likely have some cleaning to do. Use this checklist to organize your cleaning by room and task!

Memorable Moments – The best part of Christmas is all the new memories you’ll create. Make sure you never forget them by jotting them down in your Christmas planner.


Instructions for Printing

  1. Download the Christmas Planner using the button above.
  2. Print out the pages. You may want to rescale them on your printer if you plan to hole-punch them.
  3. If you need more than one page of a certain part of the planner, print out extra sheets.
  4. Enjoy your Christmas planning!

Christmas Planning Tips

If you have a long Christmas checklist, follow these tips and use your new Christmas planner for a successful, stress-free Christmas.

Put everything on your calendar

It’s much easier to remember things and plan out the rest of your holiday celebrations if you mark things on your calendar. Write down big parties, events and when people are visiting in your Christmas planner to stay on track. You can even add things like decorating plans to your schedule!

Avoid last-minute shopping

Besides typical Christmas gifts, there are also things to think about like stocking stuffers, Secret Santa swaps and other small gifts. These different gifts can pile up if you wait too long to start shopping, so the sooner the better! Plus, you may be giving gifts to friends and coworkers before Christmas day, so you don’t want to have to rush.

Practice recipes ahead of time

The first time you try making a recipe can be difficult. Save yourself the stress and try out recipes a few days beforehand to work out any kinks. This tip is especially helpful if you plan on serving several courses or know you have to cook the day of the celebration and can’t prepare anything before.

Wrap a few gifts at a time

Don’t put gift-wrapping off until the 24th. Wrap a few gifts a day throughout the week. This preparation will not only save you from a sleepless night on Christmas Eve but will be a nice way to spread Christmas cheer in your house. Everyone loves to see gifts under the tree!

Get Christmas photos taken early

No one wants to rush to take Christmas photos, especially with a booked calendar in December. Take your Christmas photos early—no time is too soon! If you do that, you can mail the Christmas cards out to loved ones sooner too.

The holiday season doesn’t need to be stressful. Using your Christmas planner you can relax and enjoy the season with your family and friends. Spend your extra time finding the perfect, unique gift for that special someone without worrying about being rushed, and maybe get something nice for yourself too!