There are many causes for celebration throughout our lives. Give credit and accolades where they are due. Recognize your coworker, friend, or family member’s accomplishment by sending them a congratulation letter! They will be grateful to have such a supportive force in their life. A letter is also a great way to look back and remember the wonderful occasion long after it is over!

We showcase congratulation letter tips and examples to help you write the perfect card!

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Tips for writing a congratulation letter

There are so many different occasions that we write letters for. Even though they are all different, many of the things to include remain the same. Here are general tips on how to write a congratulation letter.

  1. Send it as soon as possible. A timely message is very important. You want what you’re saying to be still relevant and exciting for them.
  2. Mention the achievement that you are referring to in the beginning of the letter.
    Congratulate them with praise for their achievement.
  3. Don’t over-congratulate or exaggerate. You want the person who’s reading your letter to feel like your words are genuine.
  4. Keep it positive and looking towards the future. Let them know how this new achievement or experience will positively affect their future.
  5. Make sure that your tone matches your relationship and the nature of the achievement or event. A professional congratulation letter should be more straightforward than a personal congratulation letter.
  6. Keep your signature consistent with your content. This falls under the previous bullet point. For example, a professional letter should be finished with “Sincerely,” or “All the best,” while personal letter should use “With love,” “Affectionately,” or “Love always.”

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Congratulation letter samples

You can use these samples to help you structure and personalize your letter. They have been broken down by type of accomplishment. The more detail that you can include throughout the letter, the more personalized and special it will feel for the person reading it!

Congratulation letter for a new job or promotion

Dear Linda,

I just heard about your new job at (business name). What an amazing opportunity this is for you! I know you are ready to meet this new challenge and I am so happy for you. Congratulations!

I remember that you told me that this was your number one choice out of all of the jobs you applied for. As great of a company as they are, they are very lucky to have someone like you on their team. I know that your work ethic, leadership capabilities and creativity will take you very far there.

Once again, congratulations! I look forward to seeing you thrive!

Best wishes,

Congratulation letter for an award

Dear Robert,

I wanted to personally congratulate you on your Community Service Award. You are so deserving of this award and the recognition for all of your countless hours of selfless work.

This recognition is long overdue, in my opinion. You are always first in line to volunteer or lend a helping hand. I have always admired that about you. It is so great that you are finally being recognized by the community!

Again, congratulations! I cannot wait for the awards ceremony. I will be there to watch them honor you. This community is so lucky to have you and better off because of you.

Stay as you are,

Congratulation letter for a major life event

Dear Louisa,

What an exciting time in your life! I am so excited for you and your impending nuptials. You and Corey make such a beautiful and sweet couple!

I remember when you had first started dating and now look where you are. Time has flown by and each day has brought you closer to each other and closer to your big day!

We cannot wait for your wedding. I am sure you are counting down the days until your you can call each other husband and wife. Try to savor every moment as you will remember it for the rest of your life. Congratulations!

Sending all of my love,

Writing a congratulatory letter is a great way to show your support. A letter is much more personal than an email and shows that you put in the extra effort to congratulate them. However, if snail mail isn’t for you, an email will still be appreciated!

The decision of whether or not to send a gift with your letter depends on the type of achievement. These congratulations gifts are sure to make the recipient feel extra special and celebrated.

Use these samples and tips to create the perfect congratulation letter and show your friend, coworker or family member the support that they deserve!