While dating is typically viewed as an activity that is only valuable in the beginning stages of a relationship, having consistent date nights with your long-time partner is equally important.  Pre-planned dates are a great tool for strengthening relationships and getting in some much-needed quality time.

A spontaneous weekend getaway is exciting, but you can also create your own fun close to home with a date in a box! Filled with everything you could need for a romantic or adventurous evening, here are several creative date night box ideas to keep the spark alive!  

What is a Date Night Box?

Whether you’re planning a special night for you and your sweetheart, or want to give a heartfelt gift, a date in a box is a great way to prepare for a night of smiles and laughter. Made up of items based on different themes, such as movie night or game night, a date in a box is a thoughtful gift for a newly engaged couple or a pair celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary!

Include items such as candy, wine or small accessories depending on the theme. Try out one of these unique date in a box ideas and coordinating printables to help you plan a night to remember.

Date Night Box Ideas

Blindfolded Tasting Date

blindfolded tasting date

Bring the fun of trying something new home with a tasting party themed date in a box. Fill the box with a blindfold and a variety of both familiar and new, unique snacks picked by both partners. Take turns blindfolded and have your partner feed you while you rate the food and try to correctly guess what you’re nibbling on!

After you finish your samples, reveal your snack selection and vote on your favorites! With this box, you can enjoy the quality time together while discovering new bites to add to your pantry!


  • Blindfold
  • Cheese tray
  • Salty snacks such as olives, nuts and chips
  • Sweet snacks such as chocolate chips, slices of fruit and marshmallows
  • Water bottles
  • Tasting scorecard printable

Random Acts of Kindness Date

random acts of kindness date

Use your next date to do some good! Include a list of fun and easy ways to make someone’s life a little better. Pick up trash at a local park, check in on an old friend or give a stranger a compliment. If you’re short on time, participate in a pay-it-forward activity. For example, go to coffee and pay for the person behind you. Or, pick up a gift card to help someone in need.


  • Matching t-shirts
  • List of local charities and volunteer opportunities
  • List of items to donate
  • Random acts of kindness printable

Discover a New Town Road Trip Date

road trip date

Head out into the unknown with a map and your sweetheart by your side! Pick out a nearby city and spend a day exploring. Include an old-school paper map, a road trip CD (or playlist) and a gas card to be sure you’re prepared for a few hours on the road. Take a second to turn your phones off and spend the day disconnected. Pick up a disposable camera for any memorable moments you’d like to capture.

Don’t pre-plan any destinations to visit or restaurants to stop at — ask for suggestions from a local while you’re there on things to see and places to eat. Make the most out of your day filled with new experiences by going on a scavenger hunt involving unique sights and items!


  • A paper map
  • Water/snacks
  • Disposable camera
  • A road trip mix CD or playlist
  • Gas/coffee shop gift card
  • Road trip printable

Picture Perfect Picnic Date

picnic date

Pack a picnic basket or backpack and pick a brand-new location to enjoy the warmer weather! Set up in a picture-perfect botanical garden or plant your toes in the sand at a local beach. Decorate tasty, bite-sized finger foods that are easy to transport, hold and enjoy with these funny food pun labels. Also, grab a pad of paper and a pen for a few games of tic-tac-toe and hangman! Add in a big, cozy throw and your favorite wine for a relaxed and dreamy afternoon under a blue sky!


  • Picnic basket or backpack
  • A bottle of wine
  • Meal of your choice
  • Throw blanket
  • Board game
  • Picnic printable

Adult Game Night Date

adult game night date

Play your cards right with a night filled with laughs, dice and cards! Choose a few of your favorite games, snacks and adult beverages for an adult game night. Enjoy playing as a couple or invite a few friends over to make it a group date night!

Incorporate popular games from recent years, as well as classics from your childhood. Card games with cheeky phrases, an interactive app or colorful, intricate board games will make it a night to remember. Play this quirky “Who’s Who in the Relationship” game for a fun laugh while getting to know each other better. Be sure to make a fun wager before you start to add a competitive edge!


  • Cards/dice
  • Snacks
  • Board games, app games and paper games
  • Adult game night printable

Contrary to what some may say, dating doesn’t have to end after a relationship is established! A night out on the town or a few hours curled up watching a movie can work wonders for both a budding romance or a long-term love. Regular date nights encourage positive interaction and strengthen your connection. Whether you plan to give a date box as a gift or keep it for a pre-planned night of fun, it’s a great way to put a special twist on your quality time as a couple.