Teachers give us so much. Give back to them at the end of the year with a special gift to show them how much their dedication means to you.

From the gentle to the goofy, teachers come in every shape, size and personality. Take inspiration from the gift ideas below and give them something that fits their unique style! We’ve compiled over 30 of the best gift ideas your teacher will treasure for years to come!

Sentimental Gifts for Teachers

Whether you’re saying goodbye to a kindergarten teacher or a college professor, thank them for helping you or your child learn with a heartfelt gift!

  1. Locket necklace
  2. Keepsake box
  3. “Best Teacher Ever” wooden plaque
  4. Flower vase
  5. Framed photographs
  6. Glass message box
  7. Engraved watch
  8. #1 teacher trophy
  9. Thank you note printables

Funny Gifts for Teachers

Some teachers also happen to serve the role of class clown! Give your goofball teacher a gift that fits an inside joke, pokes fun at their quirks or will help them prank students for years to come.

  1. Before and after school mugs
  2. Funny t-shirt
  3. Stress relief ball
  4. Desktop wood slingshot
  5. Hashtag mug
  6. Novelty tape dispenser
  7. Personalized golf balls
  8. Silly phrases stamp set
  9. Oversized wine glass or beer mug
  10. Silly message fortune cookie

Useful Gifts for Teachers

It’s no secret that teachers aren’t always rewarded for their hard work. A handy desk organizer or new tote bag will go a long way to help teachers stay on top of their game and continue to put in the work!

  1. Canvas tote bag
  2. Classroom board games
  3. Monogrammed leather journal
  4. Insulated tumbler
  5. Favorite snacks gift basket
  6. Candles or diffuser
  7. Monogrammed computer backpack
  8. Portable bluetooth speaker
  9. Blanket scarf
  10. Desk organizer
  11. Destination map
  12. Thanks a Bunch cookie bouquet
  13. Relaxation gift set

Teachers go above and beyond for their students on a daily basis. They put in extra hours, buy their own supplies and offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it. While the true value of a teacher cannot be expressed in a material object, a small gift to show your appreciation will mean the world to them.