Writing a get well soon message can often be difficult. It’s hard to know what to say when someone is sick. You want to say something that cheers them up or makes them smile, not something that comes off as insensitive.

How you write a get well soon message will vary depending on who you’re writing to and what the situation is. That’s why we’ve broken down different get well soon wishes for family members, friends and partners.

What to write in a get well card

  1. Begin your get well message with a greeting to your loved one. How you greet them will depend on how well you know them. For instance, if the person you are writing to is older than you or someone you are less familiar with, you might begin your letter with “dear.” If you know them more intimately, you can address them with “hi” or just by using their first name.
  2. Let them know you’re thinking about them. Overcoming an illness or medical procedure can often feel lonely and isolating. Help your loved one feel connected by reminding them that they are in your thoughts regularly.
  3. Express your get well wishes. Again, this should be personalized based on how well you know the person and the circumstances. For some, a quick “thinking of you” message is appropriate, whereas for closer friends and family it may be better to spend some time writing out a longer message.
  4. Offer to help. Chores, errands and other tasks can run amuck when someone isn’t feeling their best or is in the hospital. Ask if there is a way you can help ease their load by offering to help in some way, be it by taking out their trash or picking up their kids from school.
  5. Sign off with a warm goodbye. Send your love and well wishes and remind them that you are always there for them.

Below, we’ve curated different messages for different relationships to help you figure out what to say.

For a family member

Family is one of the biggest support systems. Showing a family member that you’re thinking of them and will help them out, whether that’s by doing chores or cooking a meal, can make all the difference when they’re under the weather.

  • I’ll take care of the chores. You just work on feeling better!
  • Recover quickly! We all miss having you around the house.
  • Thinking of you all the time. I know you’ll overcome this!
  • Sending you a little sunshine.
  • Hope you’re back to 100% soon!
  • Whatever you need, we’ll get for you.
  • Put your feet up and relax. We’ll do the rest.
  • We miss seeing your lovely face every day. Get back home soon!
  • Take it one day a time! In no time, you’ll be healthy and smiling again.
  • Wishing you brighter days ahead.
  • Let us know how we can make you comfortable!


For a friend

Whether your friend is near or far, sending your friend get well soon wishes is sure to make them feel a little better. If you can’t sit by their side or bring them soup, consider sending them something to help them relax and recoup, like a comfy robe or a spa basket.

  • Sending healing thoughts your way!
  • Sorry your sick day is due to actual sickness!
  • Get well NOW.
  • Stop being sick! I have no one else to hang out with!
  • You mean so much to me! I hope you feel better soon.
  • Sorry you had to eat hospital food. I’ll try to sneak you some snacks.
  • Feel better ASAP, okay?
  • Love you. Hate that you’re sick.
  • Hang in there, friend.
  • I have so many new stories to tell you! Get better soon so I can tell you them.


For a child

It’s hard to see your child feeling sick. If they’re not too ill, help them feel better with low energy activities like reading together or face painting. Toys and games are also a great way to pass the time and make being sick a little more fun.

  • Your toys miss you! Come home soon!
  • Sending you lots of hugs and kisses.
  • You’re being so brave, sweetheart. We’re all so proud and can’t wait for you to feel better.
  • Being sick stinks! Get well soon!
  • It’s no fun being sick. Get better soon so you can play again!
  • Hope you didn’t break your funny bone!
  • If I wave a magic wand, will you feel better?
  • Sick? More like “ick!”
  • Hope you get a cool scar out of this!
  • Wishing on a star you’ll be better soon.
  • Can’t wait to see you smiling again!
  • You’re a tough cookie!


Wishes for surgery and speedy recovery messages

If your friend or family member is stuck in the hospital, dress up their room to make them feel more at home. Don’t forget to bring a home cooked meal to make them extra comfortable. Attach one of these messages to their meal to encourage them!

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • It’s time to heal and get better. I can’t wait to see you smiling again!
  • Hoping your recovery is comfortable and filled with lots of sweets.
  • May your hospital stay be short and your recovery even shorter!
  • Remember that I’m here to take care of you!
  • Recovery can be hard work, but remember you’re not alone!
  • Hoping your surgery is fully effective and as painless as possible.


For a significant other

Make your significant other laugh with these cute get well soon messages. They’ll brighten their mood and remind them how much you care.

  • I miss driving you crazy! Feel better soon.
  • I am always here for you.
  • Hope you’re not faking this so I’ll cook for you!
  • I wish my kisses could cure you!
  • Even when you’re sick, you still look beautiful!
  • Guess what germs and I have in common? We find your irresistible!
  • Get better soon so we can snuggle!
  • You’re my better half. So when you’re not feeling great, things are the worst!
  • I miss seeing your face every day. Get better soon!

Recovering from an illness or surgery can be tough, which is why sending a thoughtful get well soon message to your friend or family member is a nice reminder that they’re not alone. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to say to someone after surgery, so if the words don’t come easy, sometimes a nice gift that shows you’re thinking of them can be enough to make their day and help the healing process.