Tired of sorting through a tangled mess of ribbons, bows and scraps of paper every time you want to wrap a present? Want to add a personal touch to your gift, but unsure of where your personalized tags are? You can fix these problems by creating a space in your home where you can organize the chaos.

A gift wrapping station is the perfect place to keep all the necessary supplies you have accumulated for easy access. That way when a special occasion comes, you won’t be stressed and scrambling to track down what you need!

There are a few ways you can choose to organize your materials. Try a gift wrapping station that is portable so it can easily be moved into a closet or out of the way. If you have the space and are dedicated to the craft, a permanent gift wrapping station might be a good addition to your craft corner.

If you are just looking for a clever way to organize your gift wrap and gift bags, we have a few ideas that will help you arrange your supplies. Lastly, keep track of all the odds and ends with our supply organizing ideas. No matter which method you prefer, these gift wrapping stations will help you wrap the perfect gift.

Portable Gift Wrapping Station Idea

Craft Caddy

Fill mason jars with supplies and put them in a shower caddy. This portable organization station made by Clean Mama is easy to hide in a closet and can be taken out when it’s needed. By putting the jars in it, everything will stay in its proper place and a mess will be avoided.

Tip: Fill the jars with ribbons, tags, bows and other decorations that are easy to get lost or crumpled.


Stationary Gift Wrapping Station Ideas

Pegboard Workstation

This pegboard organization by HoneyBear Lane allows you to see all the gift wrapping supplies you have. Instead of letting the mess pile up on your desk, hang your supplies! With this gift wrap station, finding your scissors and rolling out your favorite wrapping paper will be a breeze.

Hanging Gift Station

Take Unskinny Boppy’s lead and mount towel racks on the wall next to your craft area to hang planters on. This innovative use of garden supplies will bring some life to the area and give you more table space.

Tip: Hang the pots rather than fixing them to the wall so you can remove them when you need a closer look at their contents.


Gift Wrap Organizer Ideas

Garment Bag Wrapping Organizer

When you need a new gift wrap for every occasion, it’s easy for the tubes to pile up. Instead of shoving them in the back of a closet and having them fall out every time you open the door, hang them! The Chic Site shows us all you need is a hanger and a garment bag, and your wrapping paper will be out of your way and damage-free.

Tip: Although you can use a solid garment bag, a clear one allows you to see your options at a glance.

Towel Rack Wrapping Organizer

Fix towel racks onto a frame to create an organized wrapping paper dispenser as shown by In My Own Style. The frame is easy to hang and will display the colorful paper to add some fun to the wall.

Tip: Find a bright or detailed frame to add even more character to the space.

Laundry Basket Wrapping Organizer

To prevent your wrapping paper from falling all over the place, store it neatly in laundry baskets like Blue I Style. These baskets allow you to sift through your options, and can be easily moved when needed. If you have multiple rolls for each holiday, you can even organize your laundry baskets by season and label each one!

Under Bed Wrapping Storage

Plastic bins are an affordable way to store your gift bag supplies and keep them out of site. You have the freedom to  organize your supplies within the bin however you’d like. Simply Organize shows us their technique.

Tip: These bins are also relatively flat, so they can be stored under a bed!


Gift Bag Organizer Ideas

Closet Gift Bag Organizer

Make the best use of your space by hanging your gift bag supplies on the back of a closet door. These baskets allow you to group together your gift bags, ribbons and gift wrap so that they are easy to find. By hanging supplies on the back of the door like The Chronicles of Home does, they will be out of sight when they’re not needed.

Wooden File Box Organizer

This easy-to-make wooden box by Creative Ramblings provides a creative way to store your gift bags and scraps of gift wrap. Neatly organize your bags by season or occasion so that they are easily accessible when the time comes that you need one.

Hook Gift Bag Organizer

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Here, Be My Guest uses just a hook to store gift bags. The beauty of this is that you can place a hook almost anywhere. If you prefer to showcase the colorful designs, hang them in your craft room or office. If you’d rather they be out of sight, try a closet or the garage.


Supply Organizer Ideas

Muffin Tin Organizer

Use a muffin tin to organize the smaller tags and ribbons that always seem to get lost at the bottom of the drawer. Put your old kitchenware to use. Art As Life demonstrates the perfect way to not only organize, but display those personal touches.

Tip: To hide any imperfections and make your life easier, put fun cupcake papers in the tin. It will be easier to clean out and add a pop of color.

Ribbon Bin Organizer 

Tired of the tangled mess of ribbons that somehow takes over your workspace? This DIY ribbon organizer by minimoz is a lifesaver. Just place the spools in a tub and string the ribbons through the holes in the sides.

Tip: You can use any type of box, just drill holes in the side for ribbon access.

Ribbon Jar Organizer 

Pile up all the ribbons you’ve accumulated in a straw holder. The Wight Family uses this household item because it fits most spools perfectly and displays the colorful ribbon! If you can’t find a straw holder, you can also use another tall, circular jar.

Magnetic Board Organizer

This magnetic board will hold and display any extra decorative touches you put on your gifts. Just place the accessories in metal tins and attach to the framed board as shown by Damask Love. Hang the frame above your gift station to make room for your other supplies.

PVC Pipe Marker Holder 

Ready to practice your calligraphy, but not sure where your favorite pen is? This PVC pipe display by Stamping Country is easy to make and will ensure that you keep track of your writing instruments. PVC is great because it’s versatile and you can choose the diameter and amount of pipe depending on how many pens and markers you have!

Keeping your workspace organized is a hard thing to do. No matter what method works best for the space you have, these gift wrap organizers will be a great help. They will make wrapping that perfect personalized gift a little easier.