Fall is a wonderful time of year — the leaves change colors, pumpkin spice lattes are back and of course, a favorite holiday for young and old, Halloween! It’s the one night a year when you can become anything that you want (like your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut or cowboy) and it’s perfectly acceptable to eat all the candy you desire.

It’s also the perfect holiday to throw a monster bash with your family and friends. If you’re looking for a way to throw the best Halloween party with a few tricks and lots of treats, try out some of these Halloween games for kids and adults to ensure everyone has a spooktacular night!  

Halloween Games for Kids

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the little ones entertained — and they’re super simple to pull off! Just hide the clues around the house, hand the kids the first clue and they’ll be on their way. You can choose to have small treats hidden at each clue location, or have one big prize waiting at their final clue! scavenger hunt cards

Pin the Spider on the Web

A spooky twist on a classic game! You can easily make this game by printing the spider web background on several sheets of standard paper and taping them together. You’ll also need a blindfold or handkerchief to cover up players’ eyes. Spin each player around three times, and whoever pins their spider closest to the middle of the web wins!

pin the spider

Halloween Bingo

For the younger guests at your party, Halloween bingo is a great way to keep them entertained! If you’re hosting Halloween festivities at school, this is a great game to get the whole class involved. You can use themed objects to mark your squares too, such as candy corn or small chocolates!

On the last page of this printable, you’ll find the bingo callout cards that you can draw from a hat (or a witches cauldron for extra spooky fun!)

bingo game

Halloween Games for Adults

Spooky Charades

Everybody’s favorite party game with a frightening twist! This can be played with teens and young adults as well. Cut out these printables, put them into a witches hat and have each player take turns drawing cards. Dividing into teams, each person has 30-60 seconds to act out whatever is on their card. But remember, no using words!

halloween charades

Don’t Say the Word!

Known as the game of unspeakable fun, this twist on the classic game is sure to get your guests in the Halloween spirit. Divide the group into teams, and each player will take turns giving clues to get their teammates to guess the word on the card. If you hear them use one of the forbidden words, give them the bone-chilling buzzer! Whichever team is able to guess the most amount of cards, wins!

Would You Rather

You know the rules – pick this or that. We’ve come up with Halloween-themed would you rather questions that are so hard to answer it’s scary!  

More Halloween Fun & Games

Still looking for more fun? These party favorites will keep your ghostly guests entertained all night long, and are easy to throw together! Don’t forget classics like bobbing for apples or a costume contest too.

No need to be horrified at the idea of throwing a Halloween party! Whether you’re catering for an older or younger crowd, everyone is sure to have a spooktacular night with games, costumes and of course, delicious treats! Happy haunting!