Many people today underestimate the value of giving or receiving a handmade thank you card. While sending a text or drafting a quick email to say thanks is appreciated, a homemade thank you note can be more heartfelt and special. Giving a handmade thank you note says that you went above and beyond to sit down and create a one-of-a-kind sentiment.

However, in order to make a charming thank you card, you don’t need to be an expert crafter. Draw inspiration from our easy thank you card projects to create customized thank you cards. From a marbled paper card to a hand-sewn card, these homemade thank you cards are a fit for any recipient, and a lot of fun to make!

A Jar Full of Thanks

This adorable card is great to give teachers as well as friends, family and hostesses. Stamping on your flowers of choice makes a thank you card customized to the recipient. Follow Just Stampin’s step-by-step tutorial and give the gift of flowers, no water or vase needed!

Ombre Watercolor Thank You Card

These stunning ombre watercolor cards are perfect for the artist in your life. Kristina Werner Design practices two techniques for her thank you cards, the first a smooth blended look and the second with more streaks and stripes. Finish the cards with a handwritten “thank you” once paint is dry.

Marbled Paper Thank You Card

Creative Ramblings uses simple materials you can easily find around the home to create these beautiful marbled paper cards. This is a card you can give to a teacher or creative co-worker for the right occasion, and doubles as a work of art!

Sunshine Thank You Card

Brighten someone’s day with this sunshine thank you card. It Happens in a Blink’s bright, vibrant card is made with colorful washi tape and a few paper cutouts. This card design is a creative idea for a baby shower or child’s birthday party.

DIY Thank You Card for Kids

Having kids write thank you cards can be a difficult task, even adults have trouble taking the time too! But thanks to Artful Parent’s brilliant idea, send a handful of thank you cards with just one art piece. Have them create one watercolor washi tape thank you card, and take photocopies to send off to multiple loved ones.

3D Dragonfly Thank You Card

Show someone how much you care with this dragonfly thank you card. The three dimensional details makes this a beautiful card that they can frame! Follow Sense of Whimsy’s tutorial to create this intricate craft.

Fill in The Blank Thank You Card

For an easy template kids can fill in, check out Five Marigolds’ kids thank you card. Help your child fill in the blanks and keep space at the top for creative drawings! This is a simple and heartfelt way for kids to show their appreciation.

Donut Thank You Card

For the donut lover in your life, craft this trendy thank you card from Motte. Take plain white cardboard paper, and paint on your donut color of choice using watercolors. Top with bugle beads as the yummy sprinkles.

Thank You Flag Card

This unique DIY card is a sweet way to say thank you to someone far away. La Maison de LouLou uses small fabric for the flags and attaches each to a popsicle stick. The flags, cut out clouds and thank you card envelope are attached to a larger white paper and ready to mail.

Cardstock Thank You Card

For cards you can print from the comfort of your home, check out Delia Creates’ printable thank you cards. Print cards on heavy cardstock so they can easily stand up when folded. Dress them up by using a patterned paper or watercolor paint.

Cocktail Umbrella and Washi Tape Thank You Card

Recreate these adorable cards by following Mathilde Heart Manech’s easy step-by-step tutorial. First, cut six strips of washi tape for the width of your card to create horizontal stripes. Then glue a cocktail umbrella to the center of the card. Add your customized message between the bottom two washi strips!

Distress Oxide Thank You Card

If you have a knack for crafting, try creating this “thanks for just being you” card. To get this splattered paint look, ink-smoosh a variety of colors onto Distress Mixed Media Heavy Stock Cardstock. Learn more on how to recreate this thank you card at

A homemade thank you card is one of the most heartfelt ways you can express gratitude. Even if you cannot repay your recipient for whatever they have gifted you, you can put time and care into creating a gracious thank you card. Show them your appreciation and send over a personalized thank you gift along with you card.