Whether you’re in the market for a wedding monogram gift or simply want to add that personal flair to your robe, a monogram offers an effortless way to infuse uniqueness into everyday items. It elevates the charm of a purse or the elegance of linens, and it gives the impression that the gift-giver went the extra mile to find something truly special. Nevertheless, when it comes to personalizing a gift with a monogram, getting the initials in the right order is paramount. Navigating the maze of monogram etiquette, like deciding the sequence for those initials and whether to opt for uppercase or lowercase letters, can sometimes feel like a puzzle. 

Whether you’re thinking of giving matching monogrammed robes as a wedding gift or simply jazzing up a coffee mug with someone’s initials, there’s no shortage of fun ways to get creative with monogram gift-giving. 


The good news is, you can steer clear of monogram-related mishaps by taking a spin through this comprehensive guide. 

What is a Monogram?

A monogram is a logo or form of identification interweaving someone’s initials. It is often used for decorative purposes, such as on a glassware, to give something a personal flourish.

Some of the main features that make up a monogram include the font style, the order of the initials, the size of the letters and whether letters are varied in size or the same.

What Order Do Initials Go in a Monogram?

Monogram order can often be confusing to many people since the letters appear to be out of order. Depending on whether you wish to give a single-letter monogram or a three-letter monogram will determine what letters you should use.

Monogram rules for one letter

If you are monogramming a single letter onto a gift for someone, you should stick to either using the first letter of their first or last name, though if they have a preferred nickname that is an option as well.

With more traditional single-letter monogramming, it is best to use the surname, regardless as to whether the person is married or unmarried. However, it is becoming more common to use the first letter of someone’s name, so consider the person you are gifting the monogrammed item to when deciding which initial they would prefer.


Monogram rules for three letters

Monogram rules are much more complicated for three letters, especially when considering monograms for married couples. Traditionally, the first letters of their first, last and middle name are used, in that order. For couples, if they share their last name, the last name remains in the middle with the initials of their first names on the left and right side.


Monogram Styles

Once you know the order of the monogram initials, you’ll want to determine the monogram style. The main style to consider is whether the letters are all the same size, or whether the centered last name initial is larger than the other two.

Monogram styles for newlyweds

Married couples who share their last name follow the traditional monogram rules for three letters, with the order being first name of one partner, shared last name and first name of the other partner.

For marriages in which partners do not change their last name, you may modify the monogram so it is only two initials instead of three, using the first letters of both last names with the same font size.


Monogram styles for men and women

As indicated earlier, monograms for one person, whether they’re married or not, use the first letters of their first, middle and last name.

If you are following the traditional initial order, the last name initial will be the largest and in the center, with the first and middle name on the left and right.

If you keep both your maiden name and your last name, then your middle name can be substituted with your maiden name in the initials.

If the initials will all be the same size, then the initials will follow the order of first, middle and last.


Monogram styles for children

Just like with men and women, monograms for children follow the same order of first, last and middle initial, with the last name initial being larger than the other two.

However, just as with adults, if the font size of the initials are to be the same, then the order is as such: first, middle and last.


Monogram Gift Ideas

After you have decided the best order for the initials, you’ll want to decide where to place your monogram. Below are a few ideas to get you started:


A set of monogrammed wine glasses is the perfect gift for a newlywed couple to welcome them to their home. Just don’t forget to give a bottle of their favorite wine with the glasses! 


Bath robes already make for a great gift since not many people think to buy them for themselves. With the added touch of a monogram, you can give a personalized, luxurious gift with just a little bit more effort!


Many women love to add a small monogram to their tote bags or purses. Often the monogram is placed at the top of the bag, instead of the center, so that it doesn’t distract from the design of the purse itself. However, for beach bags and more casual totes, a larger monogram is more common. 


Monograms on linens offer a subtle touch. They are a sweet way for a couple to commemorate their marriage. You can monogram anything from hand towels to bed sheets, offering many ways to personalize even the most simple linens.


A monogrammed necklace or ring makes for a timeless piece of jewelry that someone can add to their collection.  

Though monogram etiquette can seem difficult to master, once you know the order to place someone’s initials it becomes simple to add a personal touch to almost any gift you give!

Be it giving matching robes with their monograms for a wedding gift or simply adding someone’s initials to a coffee mug, there are tons of ways to have fun with monogram gift giving. 


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