Have you ever shown up at a birthday party late. Really late, like 24 hours? Whoops. Realizing the party had been Saturday, not Sunday, you left the birthday present hanging on the doorknob of the darkened house, sent your friends a text, and slunk away. It’s easy to lose track of dates and days when everyone is moving so fast, and hey, how did it get to be April already? This year is flying. So to help you avoid missing any spring gifting occasions, We’ve assembled a checklist for you. Happy Spring!

√ Prepare for Passover

Pesach, or Passover, is coming up soon: It’s PASSOVER DATE this year. If you need a new seder plate or want to send a kosher gift basket, now’s the time to shop for Passover.

√ Prep for Easter


Easter is EASTER DATE, so it’s a good time to start ordering your personalized Easter baskets, gourmet Easter treats, and figure out how you’re going to decorate for Easter.

√ Plan for Administrative Professional’s Day

If you or your office works with an administrative assistant, you’ll need a gift on ADMIN DAY DATE Browse our Gifts.com slide show with some suggestions for what to get an administrative professional.

√ Gather Mother’s Day Ideas


Everyone wants to know: When is Mother’s Day? This year, it’s MOTHERS DAY DATE. It will come sooner than you think, so start thinking about what you’ll get Mom, whether it’s a personalized gift, gifts for a new mom, jewelry gifts or tasty food treats. Make sure not to forget Grandma and your mother-in-law too!

√ Pencil in Father’s Day

Father’s Day can sneak up on you, but not this year. You’re putting FATHERS DAY DATE on your calendar right now, right?

The other key spring gifting occasions include graduations and weddings.

For gifts for all occasions, visit Gifts.com, and may you always show up at the right time!