Traditionally, Thanksgiving is not a big gifting holiday, but it is about showing appreciation for others, especially those who selflessly decide to host Thanksgiving Dinner. And while it’s important to show up with an empty stomach, you don’t want to show up empty handed to dinner. We’ve assembled a few quick Thanksgiving gifts for the holiday host and hostess this year.

Hostess Gifts

Our Give Thanks Waffle Weave Hand Towel makes the perfect hostess gift as it is both useful and personal. Fully personalizable and delightfully decorated with an embroidered cornucopia.


This uniquely American holiday’s history has given us a fairly good idea of what to eat, the question of what to drink is perhaps not so easily answered. The classic paring with roast turkey is of course Pinot Noir and the perfect gift pairing with Pinot Noir would be our Wine Decanter.

Gifts for Kids

Our Little Gobbler Bib,is just the ticket for the little ones banished to the dreaded “kids table” this holiday. Honestly, though, it seems like they have more fun over there anyways.


Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels everyone from your friends, The Guru’s.