As the holiday season approaches, families are picking out their Christmas trees, baking cookies and beginning to wrap gifts! While store bought gift wrap can look sophisticated, a clever do-it-yourself gift wrap adds a personal touch to your gift.

Start with our creative ways to spice up a Christmas gift by hand-drawing unique Christmas messages or turning family photos into a creative gift tag. If you’re cutting it close to the holidays, try our last minute ideas such as wrapping treats in a cellophane bag or tying the gift with DIY fabric gift wrap. Check out our unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas below, and if you’re not sure how to easily wrap a gift, you can follow five simple steps here.

  1. Holly Jolly Gift Wrapping

Create an adorable Christmas gift wrapping using brown kraft paper and washable paint. Follow Splash of Something’s crafting idea and create reindeer with a black pen and red pompoms. Finish the gift with festive twine and a matching gift tag. This is the perfect wrapping for a child’s gift!

  1. Glamorous Gift Wrapping

Print The Lovely Drawer’s gorgeous wrapping paper straight from home for a GIY (or glam it yourself) look. Attach mini glittery ornaments to the top for a festive accent they can keep.

  1. Photo Gift Tag

Take a break from traditional a gift tag and try out a photo gift tag for friends and family! Print out a photo of the kids or a family Christmas card, and attach with yarn or ribbon onto a gift. The Merry Thought’s photo gift tag also doubles as a gift they can frame!

  1. Kraft Paper Wrapping

Wrap your gifts in plain brown kraft paper, then take sheets of patterned paper and add them to the center of the gift. Personalize your gift by adding a tag with the recipient’s initial. They’ll love the unique addition to their gift. Check out 33 Shades of Green’s blog for an easy how-to.

  1. Chalkboard Gift Tag

For a sophisticated gift wrapping idea, try polka dots or Christmas trees on a neutral background. A geometric pattern is also a simple choice for any occasion. See Lia Griffith’s chalkboard gift tags to finish the look.

  1. Metallic Gift Accents

Glamorize your gifts this year with metallic gift wrapping accents from Colors and Craft. Cut circles out of scrapbook paper and attach with string, or add a simple gold ribbon and wow your receiver with your crafty skills.

  1. Gift Wrapping for Treats

When gifting goodies and treats from the kitchen, dress them up with wrapping to keep them fresh and impress your guests! Try Nine and Sixteen’s idea by wrapping sugar cookies in a cellophane bag and gingham paper or box brownies with a beautiful bow and mistletoe atop.

  1. Holly & Berry Ribbon Tags

Wrap your gift with brown kraft paper and a pretty striped ribbon of your choice like Eighteen 25’s DIY gift wrap. Cut a piece of holly and berries and tuck them behind the ribbon for a fun, festive gift wrapping idea.

  1. Bow Gift Garland

For a playful punch of color that’s as festive as it is fun, decorate a glittery gift box with small bows made from duct tape like Studio DIY’s creative creation. Jazz up the gift by adding pink tinsel to wrap up the glittery box.

  1. Simple Embellishments

Try an alternative gift wrapping idea by attaching a vibrant, vintage coaster to a square box. Another easy-to-make alternative? Lace tape on simple wrapping paper. These fun gift wrapping ideas and more can be found at Steph Modo.

  1. Christmas Adhesive Labels

Create customized adhesive labels to add to any gift. These are perfect for coworkers or a Secret Santa, as they don’t give away your writing style and have a cute message attached. Check out Ghirlanda Di Popcorn’s blog for additional inspiration.

  1. DIY Calligraphy Gift Wrapping

Using a sharpie and shipping paper, create your own calligraphy gift wrap by following Boxwood Avenue’s simple instructions. Tie this inexpensive gifting idea together with a decorative ribbon and fresh greenery for a festive scent.

  1. Washi Tape Gift Wrapping

For a unique gift wrap idea, see Almost Makes Perfect’s DIY washi tape gift wrapping. Wrap your gift in solid white wrapping paper, and decorate using washi tape to create the design of your choice. Add extra little touches like greenery or a small ornament to complete the look.

  1. Winter Garland Gift Wrap

Using wrapping paper in neutral colors such as a light blue and brown sets the tone for a posh gift similar to StoneGable’s gifting here. Attach a wreath garnish or snow dusted pinecones before presenting your gift to the recipient.

  1. Black Tree Stamped Gift Wrap

In need of a last minute gift wrapping idea? Try Hello Glow’s black tree stamped gift wrap that you can use all winter long. Tie together with a black and white ribbon for a playful finish.

  1. Rustic Gift Wrap

Incorporate natural elements into your wrapping with wood and greenery pieces from right outside your door. For smaller gifts or treats, place in a small fabric bag with a decorative tag. Follow Love Create Celebrate’s gift tag idea and add a cute note like “do not open until December 25th” as a reminder to wait until Christmas!

  1. Christmas Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Using black wrapping paper and white paint markers, create a “chalkboard” gift wrap that your family will love! Customize the gift wrap to have a simple message or use your creativity to incorporate fun designs. Check out Going Home to Roost for a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Letter and Number Gift Tags

Dress up a basic gift wrap by including a letter or number gift tag. Use first initial tags for families with multiple children and numbered gift tags when you want the recipient to unwrap the gifts in a certain order! In My Own Style has tips on how to cut out and customize these chipboard letters and numbers, which you can find at a local craft store.

  1. Reindeer Stamp Paper

For a merry gift wrap you can DIY, take neutral colored wrapping paper and stamp it with a deer or another holiday animal silhouette. Tie a metallic garland or ribbon around the gift for a finishing touch. Poppytalk shows you how to create a stamp from scratch and create a custom print.

  1. Sheet Music Gift Wrap

For the musical genius in your life, gift them a beautiful sheet music wrapped present like this one from Maison de Pax. Attach sprigs of greenery to complement the music notes. Bonus points if they can read their gift wrap sheet music!

  1. Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap

To recreate Satori Design for Living‘s vintage Christmas look, find spools of plaid ribbon to tie around and attach cardstock tags with a unique old-fashioned look. Take evergreen cuttings and attach them to the ribbon with a safety pin.

  1. White Ribbon Gift Wrap

Whether you have snow this Christmas or not, Lotts and Lots’ elegant wrap is reminiscent of a white winter wonderland. Dress a simple white box up with various white ribbon and a balsa wood tag. This makes a small gift feel more substantial and elegant.

  1. Red and Green Patterned Ribbon

Take a simple brown wrapped box and upgrade it with a red and green ribbon combination. Contrasting designs create a dimensional look. This gift wrapping idea from Things for Boys is great for the mother or grandmother in your life.

  1. DIY Design Gift Wrap

Using a silver pen, write a special message or a few easy phrases on wrapping paper, then tie with twine. Add a customized tag to the front, or write their name directly on the paper to personalize the gift. You can find more detailed instructions at Gold Standard Workshop.

  1. Fabric Gift Wrap (Furoshiki)

Wrap your present in a reusable fabric gift wrap known as furoshiki. With no string or tape involved, the fabric can be tied around the gift with little assembly time required. The added bonus? The recipient can reuse the furoshiki for another gift! Check out the step-by-step guide at Buggy and Buggy.

  1. Stamp Gift Wrap

DIY your gift wrap this year with Oana Befort’s festive animal print stamps. Hand carve or purchase stamps, and stamp onto brown wrapping paper. Finish with a personalized gift tag to complete the look.

  1. DIY Mouse Ears Wrapping

This project from My Poppet is perfect for the kiddos this holiday season. Help them craft the mouse ears and head using potatoes, carrots and classic acrylic paint colors. Let the paint dry and wrap up the gift with a red or green striped ribbon.

  1. Modern Gift Wrap

Growing Spaces’ gift wrapping ideas are easy and fun to create. The car and tree can be made with a black pen and a bottle brush tree tied to the top. Add a funny accent to a gift by sketching out a white beard and attaching with an elastic band to the front!

  1. Polka Dot Delight Gift Wrap

Using a pencil eraser, dab packaging paper with white ink to create a fun polka dot pattern. Tie with twine and secure button poms, evergreens and a plaid rosette for a decorative finish. For more details, follow Proflowers’ easy instructions.

  1. Printed Gift Wrap

Celebrate Christmas with The Pretty Blog’s gift wrapping idea by taking a simple wrapping paper and adding customized stamps. A reindeer pattern or classic “Merry Christmas” pattern looks great, and your loved ones will appreciate this unique touch.

  1. Metallic Polka Dot Gift Wrap


For a mix of enchanting and rustic, wrap a present in metallic polka dot wrapping paper along with a greenery accent. On top of the greenery, include a fun gift tag such as a moose or your favorite reindeer. Check out our gift wrapping guide for a full list of materials.

  1. Santa’s Reindeer Bells

For a perfect blend of rustic and modern, try Mountain Modern Life’s chalkboard wrapping paper paired with copper “reindeer” bells. Add a personal touch by incorporating a fitting gift tag.

  1. Potato Stamp Wrap

For a charming gift wrap, try Fresh Mommy Blog’s potato stamp idea and create your favorite pattern on kraft paper. Finish off your gift with a Christmas twig from around the house and attach it with washi tape.

  1. Chevron Gift Wrap

For the trendy recipient, give her a chevron gift wrapped present. Using an acrylic paint color of your choice, create chevron designs across brown paper wrapping and let dry. Then attach a simple ribbon on top with a gift tag.

  1. Silver Gift Bag

If you’re looking for a more formal gift wrap idea, try a silver patterned gift bag. To personalize, attach a fun red bow or tinsel balls. This is also a great gift wrap idea for New Years!

This holiday season, follow our unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas for a beautifully wrapped gift. Impress everyone without breaking the bank using simple materials you can find around the home! Personalize your gift with your own flare, or keep your identity hidden for a secret Santa gift they’ll love!