If you’re a mom, you’ve definitely had at least one (probably many) embarrassing mom moments — those moments where part of you wants to laugh and part of you wants to disappear because you’re mortified about what your child just did. Just know that you are not alone!

To remind you of all those funny, quirky, and just plain uncomfortable things that happen when you have a child, we asked some of our favorite mommy bloggers about their most memorable embarrassing moments. The stories range from potty training mishaps to public outbursts, and are sure to make you think back to a time when your kid pulled a similar stunt.

The Lady Aisle

“My daughter once loudly said ‘There’s your lady diapers Mommy!’ while in the pad and tampon aisle at the store. She was 4.”

Marcie Wahrer of Obviously Marvelous


The Baby Astronaut

“Around my two-year-old daughter’s birthday, I took her in for a checkup. While waiting in the pediatrician’s office, a mother and father sat down next to us. Their infant was wearing a clear head helmet used for baby head therapy. My daughter (who is very gifted in speech) said very loudly, while pointing at the infant wearing the clear helmet, ‘Look mom, it’s a baby astronaut!'”

Anita Fowler of Live Like You Are Rich

Mom Said

“When my daughter was 6 years old, we were a couple of weeks into the school year and still trying to find that balance. The kids got sent with a daily reader that they were required to read to parents every night and the parents then sign the book. This one morning I was rushing in to drop her at school and make it to work on time when I realized we didn’t do her reader. I told her just tell a little white lie and say we read it, but forgot to sign the book. The teacher opened her reader and asked if she’d read it and she replies with,’I didn’t, but my mum said to say that we did…’ while I was standing there and in front of other parents.”

Kellie Winnell of Kellie Winnell


That Time of the Month

“Once my daughter was in the bathroom stall with me at the grocery store. She was maybe 4 at the time. Of course, it also happened to be “that time of the month” for me, so she completely freaked out thinking mommy was hurt. I told her we would talk about it when we got home, and to not worry about it at the moment – mommy was fine. We finished our shopping and when we began to check out, she announced really loud to the checkout lady, ‘Mommy’s butt is bleeding!’ I couldn’t get out of that store fast enough!”

Jenn Roberts of This Chaotic Bliss

Number Two

“My oldest son was potty training and doing quite well. We, of course, did not have pull-ups back then so we took an outing leaving him in ‘training pants’. We went into a really nice furniture/carpet store to look for some new carpet when a salesman approached us for assistance. While we were standing there conversing, the salesman cleared his throat a bit and motioned to the floor saying, ‘Ummm…I believe that might be yours?’ To my HUGE embarrassment my husband and I looked down to find a piece of poop lying there. Then we all looked at each other while my husband very calmly asked for a tissue, picked it up and handed it to me for disposal! And so to act unaffected by the fact that poop had rolled out of the leg of my 18-month-olds training pants.”

Barbara Rogenmoser of A Day in the Life of Mom


Family Dinner

“A couple years ago, we were out to dinner with some of my husband’s coworkers and their families. My three-year-old son decided to pull down his pants and pee in a nearby potted plant…right in front of my husband’s boss!”

Chelsea Day of Someday I’ll Learn

The Potty Break

“One time we were out in Tofino for summer vacation, and my son was about 2 — he was potty training, and since it was summer we’d often let him pee on a tree in our back yard. We were sitting on a full patio at a popular fish and chip shop when we noticed he had his pants down and was peeing in their planter.”

Julie Van Rosendaal of Dining with Julie


The Park Problem

“When my oldest daughter was right around 2 years old she learned to say the word, ‘park,’ only it didn’t come out sounding like ‘park.’ It sounded more like a 4 letter word that rhymes with ‘duck’ and begins with the letter ‘f’. When we would arrive at the neighborhood park, she would run from our van yelling her version of ‘park’ as loudly as she possibly could as she headed for the playground equipment. Needless to say, I got quite a few stares from the other parents at the park. Luckily she outgrew that!”

Janessa Solem of Thrifty Nifty Mom


Peacock, Peacock

“When my son was about 2, he would only pronounce the second half of words. So, dinosaurs became ‘saurs,’ bananas were ‘nanas’—you get the idea. It was adorable. Around the same time, he was also going through a big Katy Perry phase. That was also adorable. It got not-so-adorable when my husband made the mistake of playing the song ‘Peacock’ for him…which, um, isn’t about an actual peacock. So combine that song with my then-toddler’s penchant for saying only the last syllable of words, and, well, I’ll let you figure out what he sang—repeatedly and loudly and in public all the time. I was mortified, and even though we laugh about it now, I wanted to strangle my husband. In fact, I still kind of do. What was he thinking?!”

Dawn Yanek-McCarthy of Momsanity

Lots of Love

“I have 4 children — 3 girls and then 1 boy, all grown now. The girls all doted on and loved the little boy. They also taught him some naughty things. They told him that using the sign language sign ‘L’ brought to his forehead was another way to say ‘I love you.’ Back in the day, that really meant ‘loser’. My son was performing at a church concert and typically misbehaved on stage. After the song was over, he proudly strode down the aisle and flashed the sign language “L” on his forehead as he passed me in the pew. My daughters still laugh about their little brother flashing a “loser” sign to his mom!”

Christine Field of Real Mom Life


Feeling Exposed

“My daughter had an appointment with her cardiologist; a very nice man whose office Avery mistook for a playground. She was a holy terror opening drawers and slamming doors. The only way I could concentrate on what the doctor was saying was to hold her, bouncing her on my hip. This tactic did the trick until she decided to investigate down my top. Maintaining a serious conversation while a third party has a sticky hand wedged in your cleavage is challenging. Suddenly, my daughter grabbed my shirt and bra in an iron-like grasp and pulled them both swiftly to the side, giving the doctor an eyeful. I’m sure he took a look merely out of professional interest as the left side of my chest was exposed, which everyone knows is where the heart is located. I basically died.

Lisa Thornbury of Forever in Mom Genes



While we laugh about these moments, we also recognize that mom life is hard. So remember to spoil yourself and uplift the other moms in your life. And remember, you once made your mom feel stressed, embarrassed, and worried, so don’t forget to show her your appreciation and celebrate her with a special Mother’s Day gift.