Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, indulge in delicious food and, most importantly, have fun with friends and family! While everyone is digesting their turkey feast, it’s the perfect time to start up a game of bingo. We took the classic game of bingo and added a Thanksgiving twist. Entertain your turkey day guests with these one-of-a-kind bingo games for every age group.

Bingo has been around for generations, and the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy. For our free printables and instructions on how to play, read below.

Instructions for Thanksgiving Bingo

  1. First, download the bingo cards and calling cards. Depending on who’s playing, you can download little kid, big kid or adult cards.
  2. Cut out each icon on the calling cards and place the squares in a bowl. The caller will pull these, so that each player can mark the corresponding boxes on their bingo card.
  3. Gather candy or coins to to use as bingo card markers. If you’re not going to reuse the cards, you can also use pens or pencils.
  4. Instruct each player to put their first marker onto the free space in the middle of the card.
  5. The assigned caller will begin by picking out a calling card. They will announce these one at a time, and the players will mark them as they show on their bingo card. Once a player has filled out a row of five, they will call out “BINGO!” and they win the game.

Thanksgiving Bingo for Little Kids

To keep the little ones occupied before dinner, use these bingo cards. These are ideal for the youngins who are still learning to read. All they have to do is match the image on their card to the one you pull. Don’t forget to prompt the kids to recall what they’re thankful for when they fill in the free space!

Thanksgiving Bingo for Big Kids

For the “big kids,” we put together a collection of fun, festive bingo cards. With words and images, these cards also help kids expand their vocabulary. They contain some historical icons, so you can quiz the kids on what they know about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Bingo for Adults

Try these adult Thanksgiving bingo cards at the dinner table or after the hefty feast. These cards are relatable and hilarious. Unlike the kids’ bingo cards, this version does not come with a calling card. The adults will have to observe their surroundings and mark off spaces as they see things happening. Not only is this fun, it’s a great conversation starter!

With cards like “best stuffing ever” and “giving thanks” these bingo cards are sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving feast! Check out our fun Thanksgiving gifts and decor to add extra festivity to your Thanksgiving celebration this year. And if you’re attending Thanksgiving at a friend’s or family member’s house, don’t forget to show thanks to your host with a small token of appreciation!