Funerals are undoubtedly challenging and emotional moments as people grapple with the loss of a dear one. However, it’s increasingly common for those who have passed to wish for their funeral to be a celebration of their life rather than a somber reflection on their death. 


Hence, the concept of funeral favors and mementos has gained popularity. These tokens are distributed during memorial services to infuse a sense of celebration into the occasion. Ranging from candy tins to playing cards, funeral favors offer a spectrum of options, from the more serious to the lighthearted, providing a wonderful way to honor the life of a loved one. It’s important to note that funeral favors are intended for the guests attending the funeral, distinct from funeral gifts, which are offered to the family members of the departed as a gesture of sympathy. 

What Type of Favor is Appropriate?

The appropriateness of the funeral favor largely depends on the personality of the departed individual and their preferences. After all, this gathering is a tribute to their memory, so it’s only fitting to select a favor that resonates with their tastes and spirit. For someone with a serious disposition, items like shot glasses or fortune cookies might not be suitable, while a more jovial person might have appreciated poppers or other informal favors. 

16 Funeral Favors and Mementos


Bookmarks make for practical mementos that guests will use time and time again. Every time they read a book, they can think of their friend or family member. This bookmark can even include their favorite quote or a thoughtful message!

Recipe cards

For the person who loved to cook, there’s nothing more special than passing around their homemade recipes to the guests. That way they’ll always think of them when make the recipe!


Everyone likes a sweet treat, especially when they are grieving. Hand out cookies to your guests at the end of the service. Wrap them individually and attach a sweet note with a quote or sentiment to make them more personal.

Candy tins

Fill small tins with candy or other sweet treats for guests to take home with them. Be sure to personalize the tins so that guests can reuse them later and store other trinkets inside, perhaps even things that make them think of those who have passed.

Flower seed packets or succulents

If your loved one had a green thumb, there’s no better way to remember them than with a packet of seeds for their favorite flower. After the funeral, guests can plant the seeds and watch as the flowers bloom.


A keychain with a loved one’s name or some other monument to their life is a great favor every guest will use. It’s a constant but subtle reminder of them throughout the day, so guests can always think of them.

Fortune cookies

Order personalized fortune cookies with jokes or other sayings inside to give out to guests at the funeral. They will not only give guests a talking point, they will also provide them a warm way to remember their dear one.

Engraved pen

Everyone is in need of a pen, and an engraved one in honor of their friend or family member gives them a more special keepsake. Engrave the pen with your loved one’s name or a quote they enjoyed.

Champagne flutes

Perfect for loved ones with an affinity for the finer things in life, champagne flutes with engravings or other decorations make it easy to raise a glass to your loved one. Just don’t forget to pop open a few bottles in honor of them after the service.

Playing cards

Playing cards offer a great way to lighten the mood with fun and games. You can have them decorated with a piece of art that reminds you of your loved one or some other saying that they enjoyed. That way, every time your guests break out the cards for a fun time, they think of their friend.

Shot glasses

If your loved one enjoyed a good party, raise a toast to them with a shot glass. Engrave their name on it or add a fun quote they said so every time their friends and family enjoy a drink, they will think of them.

Pocket charms

Pocket charms are sweet little emblems that guests can carry home in their pocket. Often with angels or hearts on them, whenever the guest reaches into their pocket, they’ll remember their loved one watching over them.

Tealight candle holders

Candle holders are great for a more serious favor. Put tea candles inside the holders and have guests light the candles to honor their friend or family member. Once the service is over, they’ll have a candle holder they can use and light anytime they want to think of their loved one.

Coffee roast satchels

Great for loved ones who couldn’t live without a cup of joe, coffee roast satchels make it easy for guests to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee. You can order these satchels yourself or hand make them if you have the time.


A picture frame with a photo of your loved one makes for a wonderful way for your guest to always remember them smiling. You can provide a photo to your guests or give them the frame and encourage them to choose their favorite.

Measuring spoons

Great for those who loved to bake, measuring spoons give your guests a practical way to remember their loved one with something they’ll use everyday.

Who Should Receive the Favors?

Funeral favors are for the guests attending the funeral. This is different than funeral gifts, which are for the family members of the deceased and given as a gesture of sympathy. Often those who have favors at their funeral are those who wish their funeral to be treated as a celebration and hence, give “party favors” to their guests. 

When Should You Give the Favors?

There is no formal rule for when you should give a funeral favor, especially since it is a more modern concept. However, consider what the favor is and what time would be most appropriate for people. For some occasions, it may be best to give the favors as people leave so they don’t have to carry them around, whereas small favors that can be carried in one’s pocket are easier to hand out at the beginning of the ceremony.

Though funerals are solemn occasions, it’s worth the time and effort to honor your loved one with funeral mementos for their friends and extended family members. Give people a way to feel connected to your loved one everyday with a small token, so they can continue to celebrate and cherish their memory of them.


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