Being a mom is a tough job, but there is also so much joy. Watching your kids grow, experiencing amazing little moments and even bonding with other mothers can get you through this thing called motherhood.  

We decided to illustrate 10 things that all mothers have in common. From picky eaters to needing a bit of alone time, we guarantee these will make you chuckle.

Moms Will Have Questionable Stains On Their Clothing

All moms will agree that stains are inevitable and not always distinguishable. Also not uncommon? Getting real comfortable with the subject of poop (and snot and vomit!).

Moms Deal With Picky Eaters Every Day

If you are a mom and cannot get your child to eat the meal you have prepared for them, you are certainly not alone. Don’t feel guilty for feeding your child cookies, mac and cheese from a box or even ice cream (hey, as long as they eat!). Kids take a while to determine what they actually want and also quickly change their mind.

Moms Are Sleep Deprived

If you’ve spoken to a new mom recently, you know that they can’t even comprehend the word “sleep”. They can only dream of it (if they ever sleep enough to dream). Moms, there is hope after month three!

Moms Deal With Mom Brain Often

If you’ve ever been looking for something and later realized that you are holding it—then you know exactly what mom brain is. Studies suggest that this is caused by hormones, sleep deprivation and worrying about your child getting everything they need. Next time something goes missing, it’s most likely right in front of your eyes or next to your ear.

Moms Have One Too Many Pinterest Fails

DIY’ing your kid’s birthday party is a breeze, right? You tell yourself “Pinterest is the answer!” Unfortunately, your creations end up looking like a blob instead of a butterfly or the Leaning tower of Pisa rather than a beautifully sculpted cake. As a mom, you should always be prepared to make a quick run to the local bakery.

Moms Need Wine, Wine and More Wine

There’s nothing wrong with a little winding down after you’ve put your kids to bed. With the rides to school, making dinner, cleaning the house, breaking up sibling fights, work, explaining life and dealing with your hormones—you surely deserve it.  

Moms Take Zero Breaks

Moms don’t ever get a quick run to the bathroom without a child knocking on the door, much less a full meal or some gossip time with the girls. Sometimes sitting quietly in the bathroom feels like a really expensive vacation.

Moms Quiet Down Unexpected Tantrums

As a kid, anytime is the perfect time for a tantrum. The best ones happen at the supermarket, restaurants or even at family events. Don’t worry if other people are judging you while you’re doing what you need to do to calm your child down.

Moms Constantly Take Pictures Of Their Kids

Are you guilty of having a million pictures on your phone of your baby in the same pose? It’s OK. All moms do it. There’s no way you’d want to miss a single moment of your precious child rolling over, spitting and smiling. But even if you do, don’t worry. It will happen again in the next five minutes.

Moms Are In Need of Alone Time

You love your kids but, boy, do you need a break. If your husband decides to take the kids out for a walk or for a fun outing (so sexy!), you’ll take that moment to do your makeup, your hair or maybe do a whole lot of nothing on the couch—until the kids come back, of course.

Which one do you relate to the most? Moms are truly superheroes and with Mother’s Day quickly approaching what better way to celebrate them by making them smile from ear to ear?

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